[產品] Raspberry Pi 樹莓派 UPS 鋰電池擴充板V3 | USB 電源供應模組 | 雙USB輸出 | UPS HAT V3

專為樹莓派設計的 UPS 鋰電池擴充板,雙USB輸出,具有不間斷供電、可當行動電源使用等特性,亦可用於其他USB供電設備。


  • 適用於B+以後版本樹莓派,Raspberry Pi A+B+2B3B, 3B+ and Pi 4 B
  • 可邊充邊放,停止充電時不影響放電
  • 雙模供電:行動電源模式及UPS供電模式
    • 行動電源模式,採鋰電池供電,最高可達 5.1V/2.5A。
    • UPS供電模式,microUSB input 接上5V/2A電源,output 最高可達 5.1A/3A
  • 4+2LED 顯示充電、放電及電池狀態
  • 保護功能:output 有一個self-recovery fuse保險絲,防止樹莓派因外部短路而燒毀
  • 除兩種輸出模式外,為防止高負載導至電壓下降,另有2.54mm接頭,直接籨 GPIO 供電,以減少電覽耗損及降壓。


  1. Type-C充電界面:外部電源對UPS供電,供電需求為5V / 2~3A。
  2. USB-A Port:2個USB-A port可對主板供電。
  3. LED電量指示燈:4個LED燈(D1-4),顯示目前電量。
  4. UPS測試孔:出廠前燒錄程式及測試用,USER用不到。
  5. MCU控制器
  6. PMU(Power Manage Unit):管理電池充放電,晶片已加密。
  7. 鋰電池輸入接口:支援3.7V鋰電池。
  8. 總開關
  9. 2.54排針孔:
    • 3P排針孔:用於連結樹莓派進行通訊。
    • 2P電源孔:透過樹莓派電源接口進行供電
    • 隨貨附排針,有需要可自行焊接(焊接過不保固)
  10. 電源輸出LED指示燈:當輸出5V穩定後,LED綠燈亮。


  • 尺寸:8.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.9cm
  • 重量:35g (不含電池重)


  • 1 x 鋰電擴充板
  • 1 x 鋰電池(3.7V,4000mAh)
  • 1 x 銅柱螺絲包
  • 1 x 排針

* 注意:本商品不包含 Raspberry Pi 主板。
$ 525

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[活動] Raspberry Pi社群聚會 #32 @2020/09/28

RSVP:Raspberry Pi Meetup #32

The 32th the Raspberry Pi meetup, the topic is “The applications of Raspberry Pi HAT, part 2”.

Speaker 1: Mikey(Banana Pi)
Topic:How does a AIoT chip start to open source – BPI-EAI80
1) The air-conditioning giant Zhuhai GREE’s open source road
2) Meet GREE Edgeless AIoT-EAI80
3) How BPI-EAI80 works with Raspberry Pi and Arduino
4) Make AI products without understanding AI with BPI-EAI80
5) Demo

Speaker 2: sosorry
Topic: Prototyping with Raspberry Pi HAT
1) The Power Management & UPS HAT
2) The Enviro + Air Quality HAT
3) The NB-IoT HAT

Additional Information:

  • 2020/09/28 19:00 ~ 21:30
  • 2F., No.105, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
  • $100 per person

* Safeguarding

– – – – – – – – – – 以下為中文 – – – – – – – – – –

報名:Raspberry Pi社群聚會 #32

第三十二次 Raspberry Pi 社群聚會,希望能透過社群活動的分享和交流,找到更多 Raspberry Pi 的可能。本次主題是「樹莓派擴充板應用(HAT)第二彈」。

分享者1:Mikey(Banana Pi)
題目:當搭載台灣 AI 引擎的零邊界 AIoT 芯片如何擁抱開源 – BPI-EAI80
1) 空調巨人珠海格力的開源之路
2) 格力零邊界(GREE Edgeless) AIoT – EAI80
3) 如何同時擁抱樹莓派與 Arduino 開源平台 – BPI-EAI80
4) 不懂 AI 也能做 AI 產品的 BPI-EAI80
5) AI 語音與視覺辨識展示

1) Power Management & UPS HAT 介紹
2) Enviro + Air Quality HAT 介紹
3) NB-IoT HAT 介紹
4) Demo


  • 活動時間: 2020/09/28(週一) 19:00 ~ 21:30 (6:40pm 開始入場)
  • 活動人數上限: 100
  • 活動地點:台北市重慶南路一段105號2樓(天瓏書局)


  • 每人100元場地費用
  • 帶作品展示的參加者免收場地費用


  • 活動場地有提供無線網路

* 安全措施

報名:Raspberry Pi社群聚會 #32

樹莓派 Raspberry Pi Power Management & UPS HAT | 電源管理 UPS 擴充板

This product is designed to solve the problem of power supply, a persistent challenge for the majority of IoT projects. The uninterruptible HAT will manage sources between batteries and adapters intelligently, ensuring that your device always stays powered without letting your Pi hang up or reset switches seamlessly. RTC featured integrated MCU allows you to schedule and to have full control over the power on/off tasks remotely, timely, and securely. Extensive input range and options – solar included – will provide flexibility to choose the best power options to fit your device needs.


The Raspberry Pi needs to be always powered up on edge which is why the HAT will take care of your device, keeping it powered. You will have full control over its power! The true uninterruptible power supply for Raspberry Pi automatically switches between different power sources without causing a reset or failure on your board. A real-time clock(RTC) featured an onboard ARM® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller lets you schedule power cycles and wake-up or soft shut down Raspberry Pi remotely. At power-sensitive applications, the device can be entered deep sleep modes and save battery. Dynamic power management means will share the load between the main source and the battery while protecting the circuit.


  • True Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) battery rechargeable solution without Failing the Raspberry Pi.
  • 3.9V to 21V Input Operating Voltage Range Supports Solar Panels.
  • 18650 Li-on Separable Battery Holder (Compatible with unprotected flat top 18650 batteries).
  • 1-cell 3.7V External Battery Input.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supplies.
  • Onboard ARM® Cortex®-M0+ MCU manages scheduled power tasks, calendar events with Real-time Clock (RTC), graceful shutdown or wake-up, sleep mode controls.
  • Parallel Charging up to 3 Amps while powering the system.
  • Input, System and Battery current monitor.
  • Control over current limits of batteries and sources with 50mA resolution.
  • Battery protection circuit enhanced with integrated temperature sensors.
  • Thermal Shutdown and Input, System, Battery Overvoltage Protection.
  • Dynamic power management boost the system output from the battery if the needed power is more than the input supply provides.
  • Supports external GPIO interrupts to wake up or enter deep-sleep modes.
  • Only I2C pins used by the HAT.
  • Onboard STEMMA QT/Qwiic/JST SH connector.
  • Programmable user buttons and RGB LEDs.
  • Smart Cooling FAN with Pulse Signal Feedback.
  • Battery level indicator LEDs with charging/discharging status.
  • Slot for Raspberry Pi Camera Cable.
  • Optional Pogo Spring Pins for hardware shutdown or wake up.
  • Cloud Sixfab Power Software to configure and monitor your devices remotely. (Optional)


《Package Includes》

  • 1x Sixfab Power Management and UPS HAT
  • 1x Cooling Fan
  • 1x Aluminum Heatsink with Thermal Tape for Raspberry Pi
  • 1x Battery Cable JST-SFH – 150mm
  • 1x Qwiic Cable – 200mm
  • 1x Female GPIO Stackable Header 2×20
  • 1x Female Extra Tall GPIO Stackable Header 2×20
  • 1x Pogo Pin
  • 1x Mini Flat Head Screwdriver
  • 6x Mounting screws (2 for Fan & 4 for HAT mounting)
  • 2x Hex nut for Fan mount
  • 2x Threaded Standoffs – 16mm

 NOTE:18650 battery and Raspberry Pi is not included.

《Power Software》

One of the biggest problems of remote projects is keeping the devices all-time-powered on the edge and knowledge of the power status. While stacking the UPS HAT with a battery solves the problem as standalone. The user can manage the UPS HAT via the Sixfab Power Management Platform remotely. The detailed battery and main power source diagnostics are available to ease the maintenance. An ultra-lightweight service agent works on the Raspberry Pi and communicates with the platform if you have an Internet connection via ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Cellular.

《Power Software Features》


  • Charging status, Battery Percentage, and Health
  • Main Power Source Plugged or Unplugged
  • Input/Output Voltage Level and Current Consumption
  • Temperatures of Raspberry Pi, HAT, and Battery Holder Board
  • Cooling Fan Working Status and RPM
  • Custom Time Graphs on the Dashboard


  • Firmware of the microcontroller on the HAT and the service agent on the Raspberry Pi can be updated remotely
  • Scheduling wake-up/shutdown time or routines
  • Creating e-mail alarms when a parameter exceeds certain thresholds
  • Battery capacity can be updated for a precise percentage calculation (2500mAh by default)
  • Safe autonomous soft shutdown and maximum charging percentage limits of the battery can be changed (20%-80% by default)
  • Temperature limit that starts the cooling fan can be updated (40°C / 104°F by default)
  • LED color and animation of L1 RGB can be updated (Red-heartbeat by default)
  • The timezone of UPS HAT can be selected for calendar events

$ 2,730

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[產品] Raspberry Pi 樹莓派 UPS 鋰電池擴充板 | USB 電源供應模組 | 雙USB輸出 (V2)


專為樹莓派設計的 UPS 鋰電池擴充板,雙USB輸出,可當行動電源使用,或用於其他USB供電等設備。


  • 適用於B+以後版本樹莓派,Raspberry Pi A+B+2B3B, 3B+ and Pi 4 B
  • 可邊充邊放,停止充電時不影響放電
  • 雙模供電:行動電源模式及UPS供電模式
    • 行動電源模式,採鋰電池供電,最高可達 5.1V/2.5A。
    • UPS供電模式,microUSB input 接上5V/2A電源,output 最高可達 5.1A/3A
  • 4+2LED 顯示充電、放電及電池狀態
  • 保護功能:output 有一個self-recovery fuse保險絲,防止樹莓派因外部短路而燒毀
  • 除兩種輸出模式外,為防止高負載導至電壓下降,另有2.54mm接頭,直接籨 GPIO 供電,以減少電覽耗損及降壓。


  • 尺寸:8.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.9cm
  • 重量:35g (不含電池重)


  • 1 x 鋰電擴充板
  • 1 x 鋰電池(3.7V, 3800mAh 已升級為4000mAh)
  • 1 x 銅柱螺絲包
  • 1 x 排針

* 注意:本商品不包含 Raspberry Pi 主板。
$ 480 

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